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Woven Geotextiles

  • Product Item : OBOR-Woven Geotextiles
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  • Woven Geotextiles
  • Product description:Woven geotextile mainly uses polypropylene(PP) as raw materials. After extruding, it has long term corrosion resistance in the soil and water with different PH.
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Material: PP(polypropylene)

Weight: 100-800g/sqm

Weidth: 1-6m

Length: 50-100m/Roll

It has excellent microbiological degradation resistance; because this material is light and soft, so it is convenient to transport and install.


1) Filtration

The filtration layer of the dykes, river canal, seacoast, concrete slope, retaining walls. At the same time of preventing the clay granule from passing, it allows the water and the gas pass through freely.

2) Separation:
The isolation of the railway dregs and the roadbed, roadbed and the soft base, surface of the airdrome and parking lot and the groundsill, different dam materials. It isolates the soil and the gravel of two kinds different granule pathway from the groundsill or other buildings.

3 )Adding muscle:
The highway, railway, soil-stone dam, breakwater, airport, backfill soil of retaining wall, slope protection, etc in which distributes the earth stress, prevents the side-displacement of the earth body and improves the earth body stability.

4 )Protection
It prevents the bank from being washed out, protects the bank and the bottom, prevents the water and soil from being washed away.


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