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Geomembrane plays an important role in environmental protection in landfills

Geomembrane plays a very important role in today's engineering construction, dam construction, road and railway construction, especially for landfill coverage and seepage prevention. The upward penetration of underground wastewater seriously affects the quality of life. The geomembrane produced by the blown film process has the characteristics of good tensile strength, high impact strength, anti-infiltration, acid and alkali resistance, heat resistance, weather resistance and foot loss resistance, and is used to block the groundwater from penetrating upward.

Seepage prevention is required for landfills, and this is also a necessary means of landfill pollution control. Many liquid pollutants that have been corroded by garbage have penetrated into the underground soil environment. The depth of leachate pollution has reached several tens of meters. The laying of clay or pebble on geomembrane often requires heavy excavators and heavy bulldozers, if the construction department If you are not aware of the importance of geomembrane, you will not take the corresponding protective measures. Therefore, the use of heavy equipment can easily cause damage to the geomembrane.

Geomembrane is a kind of high-quality flexible waterproof engineering material with high waterproof performance and high anti-seepage coefficient. It has good chemical stability and can resist corrosion of strong acid, alkali and oil. It is a good anti-corrosion material; The tensile strength makes it have high tensile strength to meet the needs of high standard engineering projects; it has strong weather resistance, anti-aging properties, and can be used for a long time to maintain its original performance.

It is understood that the application of anti-seepage geomembrane in landfill closure system is very extensive. It is worth mentioning that we must pay attention to some details when applying anti-seepage geomembrane. Today we will focus on Let's summarize it. Let's take a closer look at some of them:

Details 1. When geomembrane is used as the anti-seepage material, the geomembrane should meet the American standard and do not use the recycled material to ensure the quality and life of the geomembrane. Remember not to be cheap, but to know that the price and quality are directly proportional. .

Details 2. Pay special attention to the long-term indicators such as chemical resistance, UV resistance and anti-aging of anti-seepage geomembrane. It is necessary to know that if these indicators are not met, it will easily lead to leakage of the anti-seepage layer. The sealing system causes damage; therefore, it is the most stringent in raw materials and quality control, which can ensure the good results of the whole project.

Detail 3. Application of anti-seepage geomembrane The odor emission of the landfill and the flammable gas are systematically released and collected from the upper part of the landfill to achieve the purpose of controlling pollution and comprehensive utilization. The above related geomembrane is in the landfill. A variety of applications, I hope to be able to better help everyone. More information about the anti-seepage geomembrane will continue to be brought to you.
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